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Blueyou's Call for Action

Food accounts to more than 30% of the global climate change impact and is the key driver for biodiversity loss, dwindling sources of freshwater, discharges of toxic pesticides and eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems. The way we produce and consume food brings planet Earth in danger.

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Last Call

For Fixing A Broken System

It’s time to act now – and actively transform our food systems: From exploitation towards regeneration. From working against nature towards working with nature. Rewilding the planet is key to achieving a more resilient and viable environment. For us and future generations to come.

Reshaping Blue Foods – Within The Limits Of Our Planet

Scientists have identified nine biophysical processes that regulate the stability of our planet’s climate and life-support systems. These Planetary boundaries define the safe operating space we should stay within to avoid irreversible environmental degradation. All nine boundaries are intrinsically linked to what we eat – and according to the latest research, we have already transgressed six of them. ​

​Blueyou’s PLANET POSITIVE program identifies seafood choices that are harvested within the safe operating space of the planetary boundaries. ​

​By choosing PLANET POSITIVE seafood, you become part of the solution. Here is how it works!

Environmental Footprint

Climate-smart growing and harvesting systems with a low carbon footprint [< 3.0 kg CO2 eq. / kg product at store].

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Aquaculture without use of feed and fertilizers, promoting nature-based aquatic food web systems, fed by sunlight and available nutrients.

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Restorative farming and fishing which regenerates degraded ecosystems and promotes biodiversity, increases resilience and captures carbon​.

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Blue food harvesting systems which do not negatively impact biodiversity and not threaten endangered species.

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Seafood growing and harvesting systems that do not deplete freshwater and do not use any pesticides nor toxic chemicals.

Become a trailblazer – and eat for change! Check out our current portfolio of PLANET POSITIVE origins

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