Ocean Impact Tracker

Assessing Sustainability Beyond Certification

Our Benchmark for Responsible Seafood in Balance with Nature and People

Our ocean impact team is continuously working on improving the environmental, social and animal welfare conditions in all of our seafood origins. Certification by third parties is helpful - but won't do the job. Our ocean impact tracker allows consumers, customers and other partners to learn how our seafood origins perform against our own policies - and where we still need to improve! 

Impact Report


Blueyou’s Ocean Impact Tracker looks at the performance of our seafood origins against three relevant key dimensions. We believe that these are relevant for us to continue enjoying seafood in a positive and mindful way: (1) Life on Planet and Natural Resources; (2) People and Communities and (3) Animal Welfare.

Mangrove Coast


Considering the limits of our planet and the urgent need to reform our food systems, Blueyou’s Ocean Impact Tracker looks at the five environmental dimensions that are relevant for keeping seafood harvesting systems within the safe operating zone of planet Earth.

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Respecting human rights and safeguarding decent and safe working conditions is a key priority for Blueyou in all its seafood origins. Also, we believe that fostering healthy oceans means putting coastal communities first.

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Turning vegan certainly makes sense but at Blueyou we believe that sustainably harvested seafood is an important contribution to future food systems - However, we need to improve the way we treat and handle seafood species for human consumption.


A Cockpit View on What Matters Most

Blueyou's Ocean Impact Matrix

In a world full of complexities, - and for the seafood sector specifically -, our ocean impact team has been developing a cockpit view on the parameters that matter most: For safeguarding stable conditions on our planet, for people and communities to thrive and for seafood species to live a life worth living. 

You will find the Ocean Impact Tracker results for every seafood species and origin in the product section. Assessments are up-dated whenever changes occur - both into the positive and negative direction. 

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