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Healthy oceans depend on prosperous coastal communities

Traditional fishermen and local farmers are the custodians of the sea. Our oceans will flourish when coastal communities thrive. By championing the empowerment of these communities, Blueyou is committed to ensuring that seafood is harvested sustainably. For our planet and future generations to come. 

Why Fair Trade Matters for Seafood, too.

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Smallholder producers harvest nearly half of the global seafood volume and make up 90% of the workforce in the primary harvesting sector. However, they are often excluded from improved market access and economic development.

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Being deeply connected to the sea, farming and fishing communities are directly exposed to climate change and biodiversity loss. Fair Trade is empowering communities to become active stewards of healthy and thriving oceans. ​

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Through improved market access and stable trade relationships, Fair Trade fishing and farming communities benefit from improved livelihoods. Prosperous coastal communities are essential for healthy oceans.

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Fair Trade premiums captured in the value chain are used to finance environmental and social development projects on local grounds – and increase the resiliency of coastal communities.

Our Fair Trade Seafood Projects

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Fair Trade Farmed Shrimp Sumatra

The world's first Fair Trade program for farmed seafood with small-scale farming communities.

28 Skipjack Tuna Maldives

Fair Trade Pole & Line Tuna Maldives

Catching tuna one-by-one: Harvesting seafood in balance with nature and people.

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Fair Trade Handline Tuna Maldives

Single hook and line caught tuna from traditional fishing communities in the Maldives.

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Fair Trade Blue Shrimp Fishery Sinaloa

Catching shrimp the smart way: Learn about the sailboat fishery and how it benefits local communities.

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Indigenous Amazon Community Fishery

An iconic fish brings change to indigenous communities, protects the rainforest, and helps fight climate change.

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Artisanal Octopus Fishery Yucatan

Harvesting an abundant ocean resource the smart way – sustaining healthy oceans and prosperous communities.

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