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Our Story So Far

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Launch of Blueyou‘s new seafood brand with a portfolio of 25 species, focusing on nature-based, community-inclusive and climate-smart origins​

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Foundation of Blueyou Asia LTD. as distribution hub for retail and HORECA markets in Southeast Asia

Selva Shrimp Winner


Blueyou's Selva Shrimp program wins the SUSTAINABLE FOOD AWARD in the category "Best sustainable product"

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Roll-out of LCA methodology to assess carbon footprint of seafood harvesting systems and promote climate-smart seafood solutions​

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Launch of SELVA SHRIMP program in Kalimantan, creating a blueprint for mangrove restoration at scale in combination with regenerative seafood harvesting​

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Blueyou achieves being a key supplier of sustainable seafood to luxury hotel groups in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila and Tokyo

Blueyou Maldives Skipjack Fishing


Successful roll-out of the Maldives Fair Trade tuna program, involving three island communities and 45 pole & line vessels​

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In collaboration with its local partners Vinh Hoan and Omarsa, Blueyou achieves the worldwide first ASC certification for Pangasius and Shrimp in Vietnam and Ecuador​

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For moving products from its fisheries and farming projects to clients worldwide, Blueyou establishes its company Blueyou Trading LLC in Switzerland

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For its artisanal handline tuna improvement program in the Philippines, Blueyou establishes Meliomar Inc. as manufacturing and tuna export company

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Initiation of artisanal tuna fishery program in the Philippines, improving market access for handline-caught tuna ​

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Development and launch of SELVA SHRIMP program in Vietnam – promoting organic, restorative shrimp farming in integrated mangrove aquaculture​

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Development of community-based farming and fisheries programs in Southeast Asia, Western Africa and Latin America​

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Brought together by a shared passion for seafood, our oceans and fair trade, René Benguerel and Matthias Krebs begin Blueyou

Our Big Vision

A world where seafood is harvested in balance with nature, contributing to planetary health, flourishing oceans and prosperous coastal communities. ​

Our Core Belief

Steering global seafood production towards sustainability and social inclusivity is a powerful driver for ocean conservation and climate change mitigation, supporting livelihoods and resilience of coastal communities and providing healthy and nutritious foods for people. ​

Our Guiding Values


For all.

We are bold enough to believe that treating our planet, the living world, our partners and employees with empathy is the only way forward.​


beyond labels.

We build trust with partners and customers through openess, radical transparency and accountability.


is. good.

We have the mindset, the courage and the resilience to challenge the status quo and transform the blue food sector towards a regenerative and inclusive future.​

We Serve the Ocean
Blue You Rene
Founder and Managing Director
Blue You 3
Matthias Krebs
Founder and Commercial Director
Blue You 1
Veronika Joc
Head of Finance & Controlling
Blue You Jan
Ramón Huwiler
Head of Sourcing & Supply Chains
Blueyou Portrait 2022 Benjamin gross
Benjamin Connolly
Head of Sales and Business Development Asia Pacific and UK
Romain Descloux
Head of Sales and Business Development Europe & North America
Blue You Fabi
Fabian Mollet, PhD
General Manager Blueyou Impact
Blue You 4
Jonas Walker
General Manager Blueyou Impact
Blue You Livia
Livia Ramazzini
Head of Quality Management
Blue You Andre Henzler
Andre Henzler
Sales & Key Account Manager Switzerland
Blue You Dasom
Dasom Bae
Quality Assurance Manager
Blue You Dicle Demir
Dicle Tigris Demir
Sourcing & Supply Chain Manager
Blue You Florian
Florian Elezaj
Account Controller and Business Support
Blue You 11
Neil Radix
Managing Director - North America
Blue You Andre
Andre Chalson
Director Singapore
Blueyou Portraits Guillemette 01
Guillemette Forato
Project Manager South-East Asia
Blue You Oscar
Oscar Zamora, PhD
Scientific Consultant
Blue You Shakir
Abdulla Shakir Mohamed
Project Manager Maldives
Blue You Oswaldo
Oswaldo Villalobos
Project Manager Mexico
Blue You Wahju
Wahju Subachri
Project Manager Indonesia
Blue You Kurniawan
Project Assistant Indonesia
Blue You Firman
Project Manager Indonesia
Blue You Thi Doan
Thi Doan
Director Representative Office Vietnam
Blue You Tuan
Hoang Tuan Nguyen
Project Manager Vietnam
Blue You Hang Minh
Hang Minh Nguyen
Project Manager Vietnam
Blueyou Portraits Khanh Dinh 2018 06 1
Khanh Gia Dinh
Seafood Quality Assurance Manager
Blue You Linh
Linh Gia Dinh
Seafood Quality Assurance Manager