Our Policies & Committments

Setting Blueyou's Mark For Walking The Talk!

Our policies guide us and our partners on the journey of continuous improvement. Our standards and impact metrics set science-based orientation marks for Blueyou's future vision of seafood: A world where seafood is harvested in balance with nature, contributing to planetary health, flourishing oceans, and prosperous coastal communities.

Learn more about Blueyou's business policies and how we track progress and measure impact for serving our oceans.

Climate & Planetary Boundaries

Harvesting seafood in balance with nature and our planet

We are the first generation of people that directly experience climate change and the critical consequences of global biodiversity loss. And we may be the last generation that can mitigate negative effects and set the course into a more viable and resilient future.


Wild Capture ​Fisheries

Sustaining the world‘s greatest wild harvest

Wild capture fisheries are the largest source of wild food left on the planet. By helping marine life to recover and fostering prosperous coastal communities, we can do three things together: Capture carbon, raise biodiversity and supply ourselves with more food.


Farmed seafood ​& aquaculture

Realizing the true potential of blue food

Rewilding nature on land means we need to move our future food systems into our oceans – and develop seafood systems that are integrated into aquatic food webs fed by sunlight, nutrients, and plankton.


Ethical Sourcing ​& Communities

No healthy oceans without prosperous coastal communities

Thriving coastal communities and viable local blue economies are the fundamental basis for healthy oceans. Safeguarding human rights and decent work in seafood supply chains ​and empowering coastal communities are key to restoring oceans’ health.


Quality & ​Food Safety

Our baseline for driving sustainability

Transforming the blue food sector towards more social inclusiveness and aligning harvesting systems with the planetary boundaries is Blueyou’s key priority. The baseline for doing so is securing the highest standards of quality and nutritional benefits for all our seafood products.


Animal Welfare

A live worth living

Blueyou recognizes the integral role of animal welfare and health in sustainable food production. We are committed to improving the conditions of species raised and caught in our supply chains and origins, knowing that we are nowhere yet.


Transparency & Accountability

Walking the talk

On our mission to serve the ocean, we have nothing to hide: Our journey of continuous improvement starts with full transparency about the negative and positive impact of our seafood origins on our planet, biodiversity, people and communities, and animal welfare. ​


Supply Chain Integrity ​& Traceability

Connecting the dots 

Transparent and traceable seafood supply chains and the capturing of the relevant data elements are key for realizing improved management of aquatic resources, safeguarding compliance and restoring oceans’ health.


Packaging & ​Circular Economy

A holistic view on healthy oceans

Thinking seafood sustainability beyond practices in our oceans means tackling packaging of seafood products - and achieving a circular economy in a global commodity market.


Ethics & Good Governance

Our compass for doing things right 

As a mission-driven company dedicated to the health of our oceans, rivers and lakes, Blueyou requires all its staff members and management to live up to the company‘s values and ethical principles. And follow the same responsible behavior we need to see in global seafood supply chains. ​


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