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The coast of Southern Sumatra is home to our Fair Trade certified Pacific White Shrimp. Here, a community of small-scale farmers is growing our shrimp to perfection: Raised with a diet of sustainably sourced feed, the shrimp thrive in ponds under the watchful eyes of experienced farmers. Thanks to Fair Trade, the farming community benefits from improved livelihoods and is becoming an active steward for our oceans. Enjoy our Fair Trade shrimp and become part of the movement!

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Certified Fair Trade

This seafood has been raised and harvested according to the standards of Fair Trade USA. www.fairtradecertified.org

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Certified ASC

This product comes from a farm that has been independently certified to the ASC standards for responsibly farmed seafood. www.asc-aqua.org | ASC-C-00401

Our Products

Head On Shell On HOSO Raw

Head-On Shell-On (HOSO) | Raw

Head On Shell On HOSO Cooked

Head-On Shell-On (HOSO) | Cooked

Head Less Shell On HLSO Raw

Head-Less Shell-On (HLSO) | Raw

Peeled Tail On PTO Raw

Peeled Tail-On (PTO) | Raw

Peeled Tail On PTO Cooked

Peeled Tail-On (PTO) | Cooked

Peeled Deveined PD Raw

Peeled Deveined (PD) | Raw

Peeled Deveined PD Cooked

Peeled Deveined (PD) | Cooked

Sushi Ebi Cooked

Sushi Ebi | Cooked

Tempura Tail On

Tempura Tail-On

Tempura Tail Off

Tempura Tail-Off


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Shrimp Size Distribution [Real Count]


Pacific White Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)

Origin Type


Farming Method

Semi-Intensive Pond Aquaculture

Country of Origin


Farming Area

Lampung, South-Sumatra, Indonesia

Type of Operation

Small-scale | Community-based

Ocean Impact tracker

When you serve the ocean, transparency isn’t scary – it’s expected! Blueyou’s ocean team works tirelessly to measure and improve the environmental, social, and animal welfare conditions of our seafood origins. Check out the impact and footprint of this product and learn which areas still need improvement. We’ll keep improving, so join our mission to be part of the change!