Selva Shrimp Vietnam

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The Selva Shrimp program in Vietnam promotes regenerative, nature-based farming of shellfish in combination with restoration of mangroves: Shrimp, crab, mollusks, and filter feeding fish are raised by small-scale farmers in intertidal zones where they thrive as part of the natural food web. This unique food system does not only supply local people and global markets with healthy, high-quality seafood, but captures carbon, raises biodiversity and increases the resilience of coastal communities!

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Selva Shrimp Vietnam


Mekong River Delta
Southern Vietnam

Year of Initiation


Number of Producers

3'350 Farmers

Current Scale

17'700 ha
Farming Area

Future Scale

40'000 ha
Farming Area

Impact to Date

13'500 ha
Restored Mangroves

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Regenerative Farming Without Feed

Shrimp and crab are raised in ponds without feed, fertilizers and chemicals. The mangroves provide food and shelter for species to thrive – a unique nature-based seafood harvesting system!

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A Climate Smart Approach

Seafood harvested in restorative mangrove forest farms has a very low carbon footprint, as no external feed and fertilizers are applied, and restored mangroves continuously capture and sequester carbon in the soil.


Resilience By Polyculture

Mangroves provide food and shelter for many species to thrive. Farmers continuously harvest various shrimp, crab, molluscs and fish – and benefit from a resilient and nature-based food system.

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Communities & Livelihoods

Harvested organic seafood creates continuous, reliable, low-risk and high value revenues for farming communities, sustaining livelihoods of thousands of families.

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Blue Carbon Positive Seafood Systems

Integrated mangrove aquaculture provides a unique opportunity for degraded intertidal zones to be restored – by creating blue carbon positive seafood value chains which drive biodiversity and economic growth at large scale.

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Supply Chain Integrity

The entire Selva Shrimp supply chain including shrimp hatcheries, farms, collecting stations and frozen product manufacturing is subject to traceability and chain of custody.

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Robust 3rd Party Verification

A detailed set of standards define the requirements for farmers in each geography where Selva Shrimp are raised and harvested, including 3rd party certification by ISEAL approved schemes such as Organic and ASC.

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Due to its low environmental impact and restorative, biodiversity-inclusive approach, Selva Shrimp from Vietnam qualifies for Blueyou’s PLANET POSITIVE product portfolio.

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selva shrimp®

Our Framework for Integrated Mangrove Aquaculture at Scale


Learn about the objectives and key components of the Selva Shrimp program and check-out the detailed standards and auditing procedures for participating farmers, communities and program stakeholders!