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Blueprint for restorative mangrove aquaculture at scale

Kalimantan hosts some of the world’s largest mangrove habitats. In the past, large areas have been deforested for shrimp farming. Today, many ponds are degraded or abandoned. Blueyou’s Selva Shrimp program aims at restoring mangroves at large scale and create economic incentives for farmers to conserve mangroves as fundamental basis for growing seafood naturally, raise biodiversity and capture carbon, realizing more resilient and viable coastal communities in the future.

Project Profile


Northern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Year of Initiation


Number of Producers

30 Farmers

Current Scale

400 ha Pilot Project Area

Future Scale

50'000 ha

Impact to Date

280 ha Restored Mangroves

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Seafood Raised By Mother Nature

Shrimp, crab and fish are raised in ponds without feed, fertilizers and chemicals. The restored mangroves increase the food availability and provide shelter for species to thrive – a unique nature-based seafood harvesting system!

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Restoring Mangroves

Around 70% of the ponds’ surface is restored with native mangrove species, creating unique opportunities for blue carbon investments, all while the ponds are already generating revenues for farmers from seafood harvested.

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Win – Win For Nature & People

Thousands of hectares of mangroves were lost in Kalimantan. Blueyou’s Selva Shrimp program restores the lost mangroves - increasing the ponds’ productivity and improving harvesting revenues for participating farmers. It’s a win for the community and a win for nature!

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A Climate Friendly Seafood Choice

Seafood harvested in integrated mangrove forest farms comes with a very low carbon footprint, as no external feed is applied, and restored mangroves continuously capture carbon.

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Blueprint For Restoration At Scale

With Selva Shrimp, reforestation is not a nice to have, but an integral part of the business model. Restored mangroves increase the ponds’ productivity and farmers revenues, making it economically attractive to adapt the Selva Shrimp model and fostering restoration at large scale.

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Tip The Farmer

Do you like our Selva Shrimp? Blueyou set-up a tipping system for participating shrimp farmers that allows consumers to directly tip farmers who harvested the packed shrimp. Selva Shrimp farmers will receive 100% of the tip directly on their bank account.

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Traceability & Monitoring​

Together with service provider Koltiva, Blueyou implements a fully digital traceability solution for Selva Shrimp in Kalimantan. Harvested shrimp can be tracked from ponds to finally manufactured frozen shrimp products.

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Robust 3rd Party Verification

A detailed set of standards define the requirements for farmers in each geography where Selva Shrimp are raised and harvested, including 3rd party certification by ISEAL approved schemes such as Organic and ASC.

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Due to its low environmental impact and restorative, biodiversity-inclusive approach, shrimp and crab harvested in the Kalimantan program qualify for Blueyou’s PLANET POSITIVE product portfolio.

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Our Framework for Integrated Mangrove Aquaculture at Scale


Learn about the objectives and key components of the Selva Shrimp program and check-out the detailed standards and auditing procedures for participating farmers, communities and program stakeholders!