Wild & All Natural
Green lip abalone

From Restorative Fishery | Sashimi Grade

Our oceans have the incredible ability to regenerate and thrive. Want proof? Off the coast of Flinders Bay in Western Australia, in a marine protected area, local fishermen have created one of the largest artificial reefs. These reefs are a habitat for rich marine life, including Greenlip Abalone. Hatchery-raised Abalone feed on seaweed that thrives in these nutrient-rich waters till they’re ready to be harvested. Hand-picked and frozen as sashimi-grade delicacies, our Greenlip Abalone exemplifies the resilience of our oceans!

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Independently Verified & Certified

This product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery. www.msc.org | MSC-C-53962

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Species Name

Green Lip Abalone

Scientific Name

Haliotis laevigata

Catch Method

Diving & Hand Gathering (EU Code: MIS)

Country of Origin


Catch Area

Flinders Bay, Southwest Australia, Indian Ocean (FAO 57)

Type of Operation

Individual Family Operators

Ocean Impact Tracker

When you serve the ocean, transparency isn’t scary – it’s expected! Blueyou’s ocean impact team works tirelessly to measure and improve the environmental, social, and animal welfare conditions of our seafood origins. Check out the impact and footprint of this product and learn which areas still need improvement. We’ll keep improving, so join our mission to be part of the change!