Ocean Raised
european seabass
Responsibly farmed in the Mediterranean

The clear blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea are home to our Branzino, as the Italians call this beautiful and delicate fish! A continuous supply of oxygen-rich water and a quality diet of sustainably sourced feed create ideal conditions for raising this traditional species for the much loved traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Enriched with nutrients and packed with flavor, our Seabass is your perfect companion for a grilled, barbequed or pan-fried seafood indulgence!

European Seabass mastercase ASC 1312x1438
independently verified & certified

This product comes from a farm that has been independently certified to the ASC’s standard for responsibly farmed seafood. www.asc-aqua.org | ASC-C-00401

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A BSS 1 Boneless Filet Skin On inside

Boneless Filets | Skin-On | IQF [Flesh Side]

A BSS 1 Boneless Filet Skin On skin

Boneless Filets | Skin-On | IQF [Skin Side]


European Seabass mastercase ASC 1312x1438

Horeca Mastercase

[5 kg Fix Weight]

Species Name

European Seabass

Scientific Name

Dicentrarchus labrax

Farming Method

Marine Net Pen Aquaculture

Country of Origin


Farming Area

Izmir Province, Turkey

Type of Operation

Corporate Farm

Ocean Impact Tracker

When you serve the ocean, transparency isn’t scary – it’s expected! Blueyou’s ocean team works tirelessly to measure and improve the environmental, social, and animal welfare conditions of our seafood origins. Check out the impact and footprint of this product and learn which areas still need improvement. We’ll keep improving, so join our mission to be part of the change!

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